Thursday, May 3, 2007


FoieBlog is not known for stereotyping - except when it comes to skinny, whiny out of work political activists - but this story certainly throws us for a loop.
Rick Nelson of the The Minneapolis Star Tribune has written a review of a new restaurant that caters to the unlikely pair of lesbians and Foie Gras aficionados. Well, not specifically Foie Gras lovers, but Pi offers a burger stuffed with foie gras and topped with aged cheddar and farfalle tossed with pine nuts and lobster that has us checking Orbitz for the next flight to the Twin Cities.
FoieBlog always finds it refreshing to discover Foie Gras dishes in what would otherwise be considered liberal environments, proving that great food can bring people of all stripes together.
The more we read about Minneapolis and its cutting edge food, music and arts scene hidden away in the snowy northern regions of our great nation, the more we want to go. If we make it there, you'll be the first to hear how this magnificent-sounding creation tastes. If you beat us there, please let us be the first to hear from you.

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