Thursday, May 17, 2007


FoieBlog joins the folks at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in breathing a sigh of relief today as we learn that a judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the farm's receipt of a state grant to upgrade their facilities.
You'll remember that the Humane Society was arguing that the Empire State Development Corporation had irresponsibly awarded the money - in an attempt to take the cash back from the Foie Gras producer. Unfortunately for them, Justice Thomas McNamara ruled that the ESDC had "a rational basis" for their decision and that there was nothing unlawful that merited the suit.
Ironically (we think that applies here), at the time of the challenge, Hudson Valley actually noted an uptick in sales as a result of the publicity surrounding the filing of the suit, attributing increased awareness of Foie Gras among people who were otherwise unfamiliar with it.
FoieBlog would like to note that this is the first time we've had two consecutive posts with good news on the fight for Foie Gras. Dare we hope for a Threepeat?

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