Monday, May 7, 2007


Although it was a down year for Tony Blair's Labour (yea, that's how they spell it, kids) party in last week's UK municipal elections, the City of York proved once again it is on the verge of becoming the Chicago of Britain.
FoieBlog's favorite British whipping boy, York Councilor Paul Blanchard, managed to be reelected in what turned out to be a safe haven for Labor and Liberal Democrats alike. Although he hasn't managed to update his website as of yet, we anticipate that he'll be attributing the victory to his unsuccesful campaign against Foie Gras - that's usually how these things go.
Unfortunately for Mr. Blanchard, his petition to the prime minister only managed to garner 8,500 signatories - a drop in the proverbial bucket and not one likely to be heard by the PM in his last days in office.

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