Wednesday, May 30, 2007


FoieBlog was sadly unable to view Gordon Ramsay's, the F-Word last night, featuring a report on Foie Gras. We were hoping someone would put the video on You Tube or something, but so far no go.
From what we've been able to find out, however, the piece was about a Foie Gras farm in France followed by a trip to Pateria de Sousa in Spain to take a look at their Foie Gras alternative, Ganso Iberico.
Unfortunately, the only comments we've been able to find on the show have been on animal activist websites - so we'll take them with a grain of salt. If anyone out there saw the program, please let us know what you thought. We'll keep an eye out for more info.
On a side note, Ramsay announced that he'd be taking Bluefin Tuna off of the menus at his restaurants because of it's increasingly endangered status. As always, FoieBlog enjoys seeing a chef with a concious supporting the consumption of Foie Gras. We haven't made it to one of his restaurant's yet, but Mrs. GrasGuy dined at Maze in London and was wholeheartedly impressed. We look forward to trying his Pressed Foie Gras and Game with Port Sauce and Pickled Mushrooms at The London in NYC when we get the chance.

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smithyboy said...

I saw the programme on wednesday evening. Ramsay was impressed with the "ethical" foie gras yet in a blind tasting identified the true French without hesitation.
As a chef with michelin experience, I have been fortunate to eat at Gordon Ramsay's Royal Hospital Road restaurant. I started with A Foie Gras terrine with pressed and confit goose and a spiced fig compote, followed by duck with truffle consomme and a tranche af seared foie gras. Outstanding!