Thursday, May 31, 2007


Seems James Bond III (never forget ol' George Lazenby), Roger Moore, has sent a letter to all of the British MPs asking them to support Hugh Bayley's efforts to ban Foie Gras in Great Britain.
Mr. Moore has previously appeared in a PETA-produced anti-Foie Gras video, and has been an outspoken opponent of the dish he once loved. Not long ago Gordon Ramsay publicly called Moore a hypocrite for enjoying the good life all those years ago and suddenly turning coat and telling others not to do the same. Ramsay eventually apologized after Moore said that what he did he did out of ignorance and now he knew better.
Ignorance? It's not like he was some flighty 18 year old Lindsay Lohan-type when he was a superstar. He was in his 50's at the end of his stint as Bond. Talk about bliss.
As far as FoieBlog is concerned, as entertaining as Moore's films were, Sean Connery is the only true Bond. If anyone is going to be using the star power that goes with that title it should be him. Seeing as how Connery's a Scot...mmm, Haggis...we'll assume that he enjoys all kinds of offal. Who can ever forget that scene from Never Say Never Again when Connery shuns the hospital food they serve him and breaks out his secret stash of Beluga caviar, quail’s eggs, vodka, and foie gras?
Yea, you're right, it's probably just us that would remember that. But we're sure you'll be watching for it next time the movie shows up on TNT.

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