Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Growing up everyone knew someone who wanted to be a veterinarian. While FoieBlog is sure only a slight fraction of these people actually followed through on their dream, we encourage all of our readers to track down these people, and soon.
The reason? At the July meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association, members will be voting on a resolution that would put the AVMA on record as opposed to the "inhumane practice." This is the fourth time in a row the group has taken up the issue. Last year a large majority of members voted against similar wording. That being the case, FoieBlog wonders who is responsible for reintroducing it every year. This session, it is one of only two resolutions being voted on - the other involving privacy issues raised by the use of microchip registration databases for pets. Clearly a minority of members in position to introduce this type of resolution are doing so of their own devices and not the feelings of the general membership.
Forget dogs, level-headed veterinarians can be our best friends in the fight for Foie Gras if they take a first hand, scientific look at the issue themselves. Clearly, they are predisposed to be skeptical about how "inhumane" Foie Gras production is, but if they keep hearing about it at these meetings without getting a look from the other side, eventually they will mimic the Chicago City Council and vote in favor of it without careful consideration of their action.

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