Sunday, March 16, 2008


After being force-fed the facts by the Maryland Restaurant Association, Artisan Farmer's Alliance, and the state veterinarian, legislators in both the Assembly and Senate of Maryland decided to pull bills that would've banned the production and sale of Foie Gras in the state.

"We may have gone too far," was how Senator Joan Carter Conway, put it as she tabled the bill she sponsored, and that pretty much sums things up.

Activists annoyed their representatives into introducing the legislation, but well-reasoned arguments from sensible voices showed them the light.

Kudos to the coalition that stood against this absurdity. They say 99% of success is just showing up, but 1% solid information doesn't hurt.

FoieBlog looks forward to enjoying some Foie Gras Crab Cakes Encrusted With Old Bay Seasoning - if anyone is brave enough to make it.