Tuesday, May 29, 2007


If you're a FoieBlog reader in the UK, or can get the BBC from your cable or satellite provider, tune in to Gordon Ramsay's 'The F-Word' tonight for an episode dedicated to Foie Gras.
Ratings should be high as every member of the RSPCA will be tuning in to see Janet Street Porter's report from a Foie Gras farm. The British animal activist outfit is using the program as a rallying point to call for a ban on Foie Gras sales in the UK.
Porter's reports usually focus on investigations into alternative meats, and she's been known to dust things up a bit. On a recent show she caused quite a stir as she tried to serve Horse meat burgers at a racecourse in Britain.
More to the point, she's also looked into Veal production in the UK and determined it to be cruelty-free, much to the chagrin of the RSPCA and their cohorts. FoieBlog is anxious to see where the Foie Gras farm is located as production is illegal in the UK. We're guessing it'll be France since that's were most Foie Gras is imported from into Britain, but we'd love to see her make the trip to the US to quiet down the naysayers on this side of the pond.
On a side note, while vacationing in Puglia, Italy, GrasGuy discovered that horse meat is as common there as beef steak. Entire butcher shops are dedicated to it, and it's widely featured on menus throughout the region. Unfortunately, Mrs. GrasGuy was an equestrian as a girl and forbade him from ordering it on the trip.
He hopes to make the trip solo one day.

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