Tuesday, May 8, 2007


FoieBlog regrets that most of the developments that we keep an eye on involve attacks on our freedom to enjoy Foie Gras, but there are those who are out there fighting the good fight, and today that fight made it to Capitol Hill.
David Martosko of the Center for Consumer Freedom spoke before a House Agriculture subcommittee today, warning of the rising influence of animal rights activists and their ultimate goal of eliminating meat from the food chain altogether. Although his was a broad counterattack against the likes of Farm Sanctuary, and not specifically in support of Foie Gras, Martosko stated:
"I have never tasted foie gras...but who are these people to decide I shouldn't have the chance to try it? When zealots ban books because of their politics, millions of people rise up. Why isn't banning food for political reasons viewed the same way?"
A bit over the top to be sure, but no more so than any of the activists' propaganda. Kudos to Martosko and the CCF for taking the time to speak up in front of our nation's legislators.
FoieBlog urges you to join them in battle by contacting members of the subcommittee .
Unfortunately, back in Chicago, things look a bit more bleak. The Daily Herald reports that while there is a mounting legal challenge to the city's Foie Gras ban, the interstate commerce grounds that it's based on aren't looking too firm.
FoieBlog sees this effort less about overturning the ban, and more about preventing similar legislation to be passed in the future. Not a bad goal, but a futile one from our perspective.
If any of our readers are in the legal profession and think you can bring anything new to the table, we urge you to contact the Illinois Restaurant Association and give them your two cents - not that you guys are known for giving away anything for free.
We jest.
Please don't file a slander suit against us.

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