Monday, April 30, 2007

Foie Front: Philly

FoieBlog always looks forward to the arrival of spring and the blooming of al fresco dining throughout the Northeast. Somehow Europeans manage to do this year round, but diners in the cooler climes of the USA seem to only allow themselves the joy of outdoor consumption after the vernal equinox.
Unfortunately, the same lovely weather also brings out the protests from our friends at organizations like Farm Sanctuary, and this year is no exception. According to their press release, the organization planned a series of events this weekend attacking various Philadelphia restaurants for serving Foie Gras. Unfortunately for them, FoieBlog seems to be the only one who read that press release, as, from the looks of things, they received exactly zero news coverage.
This is unfortunate for us as we have no way of gauging how big of a turnout they managed to round up. So FoieBlog is putting out a brotherly appeal to any of our readers from Philly who had the misfortune of stumbling upon any of these activist activities. Let us know what you saw, or didn't see.
FoieBlog also reminds all of Philly's registered voters that the May 15th city council primaries are fast approaching and At Large candidate, Jack Kelly - the sponsor of a Foie Gras ban currently floundering in the city council - is up for reelection.
Even if you're not planning on taking part in the primary elections, at least drop ol' Jack a line at his MySpace page and let him know how much you enjoy him wasting the council's time with his frivolous bill.
If you don't, Farm Sanctuary will.

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