Friday, April 27, 2007


Maybe they just want to be like Al Gore.
Business publication Crain's reports that our pals over at Farm Sanctuary are shopping around a 15 minute DVD about Foie Gras to restaurant owners and activist celebs in and around New York City.
It's interesting that, while the DVD reportedly features a New York State Wildlife Pathologist speaking out against Foie Gras production, state investigators have given a big thumbs up to the Empire State's sole Foie Gras producer, Hudson Valley Foie Gras. FoieBlog is not sure who this guy is, but it appears he didn't have much influence in the halls of government, so we don't know why we should care what he has to say.
Unfortunately, if a propaganda production like this ends up in the wrong hands - like a New York version of Joe Moore or, gasp, Paul Blanchard - it could be trouble.

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