Monday, April 23, 2007


It was a close race, but Foie Gras foe, Chicago City Alderman Joe Moore, managed to eek out a 300 vote victory over a surprisingly challening challenger, Don Gordon. The runoff vote was forced when Moore failed to receive the required 50% of the vote in the general election, coming up short at 49%. Unfortunately for those of us who think Moore's ban on Foie Gras is a big bit of nonsense, Gordon couldn't make up the difference in the runoff election, but lost by a mere 300 votes. What's interesting is that of the 22% of the vote up for grabs in the runoff, Moore only managed to pick up an extra 3%, with Gordon scoring the rest. So the opposition was strong, just not strong enough.
FoieBlog fears that this could mark the end of the Foie Gras ban debate in Chicago, unless the ongoing animosity between Moore and Richard Daly pushes the Mayor to find an ally to introduce legislation that would overturn the ban. If not we hope that if there are 300 Foie Gras lovers in the 49th Ward they'll turn out to vote next time around.

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