Monday, April 2, 2007


Looks like York, UK councilor Paul Blanchard has some friends in very high places.
The Press reports that York Member of Parliament Hugh Bayley has tabled an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for a UK-wide ban on Foie Gras sales, citing it as an issue of "public morality." The website of Blanchard's campaign even gets a legislative shout-out in the motion.
FoieBlog is quite sure the 15 British sailors in Iran are happy to hear of MP Bayley's efforts.
While at first glance this would look like things are heating up on the issue in the UK, FoieBlog would like to point out that Early Day Motions are nothing more than symbolic measures. They are the Parliamentary equivalent of an online petition to gauge support for an issue, measured by the number of signatures of support they receive, but are rarely - if ever - considered for debate on the floor and are not a direct line to the passage of any sort of legislation.
Of course, Chicago's Foie Gras ban started in much the same symbolic fashion leading to the passage of the "silliest law" ever, and anyone who's ever watch British TV knows just how silly our friends across the pond can be.

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