Friday, March 30, 2007


Chicago's "Hot Doug" handed a $250 check over to the City of Chicago on Thursday (March 29th), officially becoming the first person fined under The Windy City's Foie Gras ban.
The Chicago Tribune reports that Doug reached an agreement with the city to avoid the maximum $500 fine for the Feb 16th offense. Both sides agree that Doug probably got the better end of the deal, garnering mucy more than $250 worth of free advertising as a result of the citation.
What FoieBlog loves about this story is that not only does the city health department admit that enforcement of the law is one of their "lowest priorities" and it isn't being aggressively enforced, but that they say they currently aren't investigating any other restaurants. The way the law is written, the Department of Public Health must receive a complaint before they go snooping around for the contraband offal. Seems the people who are finding it sure ain't complaining about it.
Neither would FoieBlog.

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