Monday, March 12, 2007


FoieBlog apologizes for our absence. GrasGuy has been spending the past two weeks tending to his wife and newborn son. A slightly tougher, but decidedly more important job than effusing on all things Foie Gras.

That said, we're back in business, and it's been a busy couple of weeks in the world of Foie Gras. Please bear with us as we play catch up on the most important developments of recent days. First and foremost...

Moore To Face More Votes
As much as FoieBlog hated missing the Chicago Aldermanic elections, we're very please that the finale is yet to come.

On a night when pro-mayor Daley incumbents were soundly defeated by their labor-backed challengers, 49th Ward Alderman, Joe Moore, a favorite of the unions for his support of a big-box minimum wage bill, came up 1% short of being elected outright and now faces a runoff on April 17th. That he was not able to win against a slate of 3 challengers splitting the opposition vote speaks volumes about his waning popularity in a district he has represented for 16 years. Besting his closest rival, Don Gordon, by a margin of 49%-29%, Moore must now face Gordon mano a mano in the runoff elections next month. With the opposition able to consolidate their support behind Gordon, the possibility of a Moore defeat is well within reach.

FoieBlog realizes this election is about many issues beyond Moore's Foie Gras ban, but Gordon and others have managed to portray that legislation as an example of how out of touch Moore has become with the more pressing concerns of his constituency, such as jobs and crime. FoieBlog looks forward to a month of spirited campaigning for this symbolically important seat.

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