Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, not exactly.
Seems our old pal, York, UK town councillor, Paul Blanchard (AKA English Joe Moore) has posted Roger Moore's PETA-produced anti-Foie Gras video on his website - and managed to get a bit of press out of it.
MI6, an all things Bond website, cites an article from This Is York that says Blanchard has recieved "top-level backing" for his campaign.
Unfortunately for Blanchard - and not mentioned in either of the articles - James Bond III hasn't exactly come out and "backed" anything. In fact, other than Blanchard posting the time-worn video on his website, FoieBlog can find no specific endorsement of Blanchard's efforts by Moore - and Blanchard's website doesn't even claim that he has recieved one.
FoieBlog has little doubt that the erstwhile Bond would sympathize with Blanchard's campaign, but This Is York really gets it wrong by calling this an endorsement. This is no surprise, however, as the article is fully loaded with quotes from people on the anti-Foie Gras side of the debate and not one mention of anyone who disagrees with Blanchard - like the other members of the town council who already nixed his proposal.
Better yet, maybe the editors should drop by Melton's or Melton's Too and talk to the customers of chef/owner Michael Hjort, who's called Blanchard's legislation "gesture politics" and contines to serve dishes like the delictable-sounding Foie Gras with Wood Pigeon at his two York eateries. Unfortunately, while Hjort is committed to using local and regional produce in his eateries as much as possible, the ban on Foie Gras production in the UK forces him to purchase it from elsewhere in Europe.

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