Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Talk about stepping it up a notch.
After failing to convince his fellow members of the town council of York, England to take any action on his motion to ban Foie Gras, Joe Moore-wannabe, Councillor Paul Blanchard, is taking his case to the office of lame duck Prime Minister, Tony Blair, according to the York Press.
Well, not quite the office. The Prime Minister's website has recently launched a new function that allows ANY member of the British public to create an online petition right on the website on any topic. Blanchard's reads in full:
"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ban the sale of inhumane foie gras."
Good Show, Councillor. Very convincing proposal.
Where's that powerful rhetoric you British politicians are known for? The clever turn of phrase? The eloquence? It's a true wonder that he couldn't get his townsfolk behind his ban.
The fact remains that the government of York doesn't have the power to ban Foie Gras locally, nor can the British government blithely ban a product that's legal under European Union law.
Even Ben Bradshaw, the UK minister in charge of animal welfare, says his hands are tied - and he is far from a Foie Gras fan.
But the good Councillor is not deterred, saying the UK is a "sovereign nation" that "can ban anything we like." Very Winston Churchill of him.
Unfortunately, this isn't D-Day, and FoieBlog believes Councillor Blanchard's descent from elected politician to protester is making him look more like a low budget version of Al Gore - without the PowerPoint presentation.

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