Friday, March 16, 2007


Fresh off of their victory over the Giant Eagle supermarket chain, FoieBlog has learned that PETA is now going after Texas-based HEB.
The group has sent an action alert to it's members urging them to contact HEB and demand that they remove Foie Gras products from their shelves. PETA admits they are taking this step after direct requests to HEB failed to elicit a response. FoieBlog hopes the supermarket will also ignore whatever response this campaign manages to stir up.
However, as we saw in the case of Giant Eagle, thousands of e-mails from people posing as actual customers sometimes carries more weight than an official phone call from PETA. FoieBlog hopes HEB will know the difference, but you can help them by writing to them yourselves at
Texas may be known more as a Beer and BBQ kind of place, but you'd be short changing the Lone Star State if you thought fine dining wasn't part of their repertoire. All that oil money has to go somewhere, and there's plenty of great places to spend it on the best food the world has to offer. Still, it is Texas, and they do things in a big way. FoieBlog recently heard about a Houston eatery called Chez George that offers up a big old plate of gallic flavor, topping it's filet mignon with slices of Foie Gras and finishing the dish with a bold truffle sauce.
Yee haw, indeed.

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