Tuesday, February 27, 2007


P.E.T.A.'s website is claiming victory today, saying an e-mail protest has convinced supermarket chain Giant Eagle to eliminate Foie Gras products from its all of its stores. Giant Eagle operates 216 stores primarily in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and does $5.5 billion dollars in business each year, according to their website.

According to P.E.T.A.'s website, Giant Eagle operates 230 stores and received 230,000 e-mails during the 3 day P.E.T.A campaign, or is it 250,000? It depends on what page on the site you look at. But I guess its alright to trust the accuracy of all the information they have posted about animal cruelty and all that, right?

I don't know how much Foie Gras sales contribute to Giant Eagle's $5.5 billion in annual revenue, but I can't imagine it's too great, so the decision to stop selling it is probably not much of a sacrifice for the bottom line. However, I also can't imagine that in the past three days over 200,000 actual Giant Eagle customers took the time to send letters to the company demanding that they remove Foie Gras from their shelves. That a company this large is so willing to bow to the pressure of an e-mail protest organized by a group that doesn't represent it's real customer base once again highlights the fact that those who act get what they want. And if you want Foie Gras, you'd better start telling people that.

Remember this when you get out and vote in Chicago's 49th Ward today.


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