Friday, February 16, 2007


FoieBlog has mixed feelings regarding the outcome of the latest round in the fight between New York Super-Dupermarket, Fairway, and the Anti-Foie Gras forces from the activist group, Farm Sanctuary.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Fairway is giving up it's "Foie Gras Central" advertising campaign in the face of continued storefront protests by the vegitables...uh...veggie lovers. However they insist they are by no means going to stop selling Foie Gras.

A couple of things about this story bug FoieBlog. First of all, the reporter had better check her facts. "Cracker-topper?" Please. While pate and mousse are available, Fairway also sells the real deal - and you don't have to go to the store to find that out, you can see it plain as day on the sign in the photograph featured in the article.

As for the ongoing battle, while we can't help but appreciate Fairway's in-your-face campaign of signs touting the wonder of Foie Gras, we're also not about confrontation here at FoieBlog. "Live, let live, and let's have lunch" is our credo (at least for the duration of this post), so Fairway really was asking for it this time around, which is why we give them a score of .5. They're still selling it, but only they are to blame for finding themselves the target of Farm Sanctuary in the first place.

On the other hand, the activists only get .5 because of member Mia McDonald's quote "I’m a vegan and I shop at Fairway because there very few stores that sell as many vegan and vegetarian products.” FoieBlog doesn't think we're going to far out on a limb in assuming that she's not alone in the group - especially since Fairway is the only decent place to buy food of any kind in Red Hook, Brooklyn where many of the members live. Fish or cut bait, s-hit or get off the pot, whatever colloquialism you want to insert here is fine, but you get the point. How can we take the opposition seriously when they sell out this easily? If the old union guys that used to populate the dockyards of Red Hook before it went all yuppie-hippie on us saw one of their own crossing a picket line during his union-approved strike coffee-break, the ducks would be eating them for dinner, not the other way around.

Side note. FoisBlog was recently shopping in Citarella, another NYC upscale market, and noticed their pate had a big "CONTAINS NO FOIE GRAS" sticker on it. Right next to that was a tasty looking duck confit from Hudson Valley Foie Gras and Duck Products. Guilty by association?


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