Thursday, February 15, 2007


OK, he's not American - he's French for heaven's sake! - and his restaurants are in the UK, but FoieBlog's hat is off to this chef with a conscious who deserves recognition for holding firm (for now) against pressure from animal activists demanding he remove Foie Gras from the menu at Brasserie Blanc. The Birmingham Mail reports that Michelin Starred Chef Raymond Blanc has been receiving "sinister" e-mails and letters from activists worriesome enough to involve the local police.

Blanc insists that he refuses to serve food he feels has been raised in a cruel way and does not consider Foie Gras to be in that category. However, the dish in question is scheduled to come off of the seasonal menu in April and he will continue to research the issue before its planned October return.

FoieBlog thinks this renowned chef will reach the right conclusion and looks forward to trying Blanc's Truffle Scented Foie Gras Parfait if we ever find ourselves in the Venice of England.


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