Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NJ Court Foils Foie Foes

Things are looking up in GrasGuy's home state. First his Rutgers football team wins a bowl game, now this...

A state appellate court has rejected a request by a Farm Sanctuary-led coalition to throw out the NJ Department of Agriculture's latest regulations on humane care of animals because - among other things - they do not restrict la gavage. Either the court system in NJ actually works, or the mob is getting into the Foie Gras business.

As there are currently no Foie Gras producers in NJ, the decision has no real effect. But it should offer some strong ammunition in the fight against legislation that was introduced last year which would ban the manufacture and sale of Foie Gras there. Such a ban would have nationwide effects, as NJ is home to D'Artagnan, one of the largest Foie Gras distributors in the country.

FoieBlog hopes NJ will continue this streak of not embarrassing itself on the national stage.


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