Monday, February 26, 2007


On Tuesday, Chicago will find out if the man behind the Foie Gras ban, Joe Moore, gets to have the goose and the gander - to paraphrase Judge Larry Seidlin of the 'Who Gets Anna Nicole's Body?' TV spectacular.

Challengers for the 49th ward seat have had their election coffers force-fed with contributions from city businesses opposed, not only to Moore's Foie Gras ban, but also to his efforts to saddle big box retailers like WalMart with a $13/hour minimum wage. They are all reaching out to voters in this working class district by painting Moore's war on Foie Gras as an example of how out of touch he is with a corner of the city that has more immediate needs like jobs and fighting crime. But, while Moore is facing his toughest opposition ever, his $300,000 war chest is the biggest of the bunch, and 16 years of incumbency offers him the kind of name recognition money can't buy.

FoieBlog thinks its unfortunate that Moore isn't running in a citywide election, where he would surely get trounced by anyone running against him - living or dead (this is Chicago). But this is a very local election, and the anti-Moore vote is spread out over three candidates, a classic recipe for More Moore.

But no race is won until the last vote is counted, and FoieBlog encourages our readers to do their civic duty and and head to the polls on Tuesday. Moore's ban on Foie Gras is the perfect example of the kind of nonsense our democratic system is capable of when people don't care enough to get involved, and fighting that sort of lax attitude is even more important than re-legalizing Foie Gras (gasp, can't believe I just wrote that.)

As an added bonus for voters in the fighting 49th, the district is at the outer edge of Chicago's city limits and borders North Shore town of Evanston, where Foie Gras is readily available. So after you cast your ballot, why not make a run for the border and hit one of Evanston's Foie Gras-friendly eateries like Narra on Orrington Avenue, which offers an appetizer of Foie Gras and Duck Rilletes on French Toast with Vanilla Syrup, as well as Roasted Quail Stuffed with Foie Gras and Cabbage - a combination FoieBlog wholeheartedly approves of (see earlier post: Birthday Bird Burger).

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