Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Perhaps it's time to buy stock instead of Foie Gras.

British supermarket chain Waitrose has introduced a new faux gras product. The Scotsman reports that after taking Foie Gras off it's shelves six years ago, the purveyor has developed a pate that includes the naturally fattened livers of free range geese and ducks - raised in, of all places, Foie Gras-free Britian.
Hmm, sounds to us that someone at Waitrose got this idea after reading Pateria De Sousa's press. In any event, FoieBlog will continue to follow this development, as this "alternative" has now spread to at least three countries (UK, Spain, and Schiltz Goose Farms in the USA).
While we have yet to try any of this ourselves, most reviews say it's an alternative, but far from a replacement for Foie Gras. Still, our accountant is starting to think we should get in to this business on the bottom floor. It's no Google, but maybe our retirement will have to settle for Goosegle.

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