Friday, December 14, 2007


If you're a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, be sure to check out today's article (12/14/07) on the battle over Foie Gras.

Several famous chefs give Wolfgang Puck's efforts against Foie Gras a well-deserved dressing down, including Anthony Bourdain, who proves once again nothing can hold back his tongue.

"I think he should stop worrying about cruelty to animals and start worrying about all the customers he's flopping his crap on at airports...He got squeezed and pressured and phone-called from all angles, and like a good German shopkeeper he folded and sold out the people hiding in the cellar next door. I got no respect."

Yep, nothing like referencing the Holocaust the raise the level of a debate. At least he didn't swear.

Daniel Boulud and Jaques Pepin also toss their two cents into the mix - though with a bit more reserve - and the article actually gives the Foie Gras supporters the kind of fair shake you don't see much in the broadsheets.

FoieBlog is sure it's only a coincidence that this article appeared on the first full day of Rupert Murdoch's ownership of the paper, aren't you?

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