Thursday, February 28, 2008


FoieBlog would like to apologize for our extended absence. A recent reader e-mail reminded us that we've been remiss in our duties.
Alas, while some aspects of life outside of cyberspace (which we won't bore you with) have distracted us from our mission of late, rest assured, we're still here, and hope to be stirring up trouble again soon.
In the meantime, GrasGuy did something recently that was either unfortunate or ill-advised. We'll recount it as a cautionary tale.
On a inclement winter night he had a craving for a hearty cassoulet, but, being the lazy gourmand that he is, he wasn't about to drag the family out into the bitter cold to satisfy his craving.
It wasn't really a problem, though, because in Manhattan everything is available via delivery.
So it was that with a quick check of the internet, he was able to place an order for a plate of Duck Leg Cassoulet with Coco beans and Sausage from one of his favorite local eateries, Brasserie Julien.
Of course, he couldn't leave it at that.
While perusing the online menu, his eye was drawn to the appetizer list, topped by a Terrine of Foie Gras with Apple and Calvados Chutney and Glaze.
Foie Gras, via bicycle? Did he dare?
He did.
The site of the Foie Gras through the plastic lid of the delivery container was only slightly more appetizing than when it was uncovered and it's adehsion to the aluminum surface was in full view.
Most people would have shut the lid, and shut out the memory of this travesty, but for GrasGuy, Foie Gras left uneaten is Foie Gras that never existed at all.
Surprisingly, it was good.
Not surprisingly, there were consequences.
We will not recount them here.
Other food had been consumed that day, much of it likely of questionable origin given GrasGuy's propensity to eat things even Andrew Zimmern would think twice about, but the finger of suspicion must point to the terrine.
Somehow we don't think this will stop him from placing another order if a similar mood should strike again.
If so, we hope something else won't strike again either.

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