Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ok, helping an old lady cross the street is still free, but no one is trying to ban helping old ladies across the street...yet.

However, if that old lady is on her way to a nice restaurant in Philadelphia you might have to help her past some loud-mouthed protesters trying to ban Foie Gras, and if they have their way one day you could find yourself being arrested as an accessory to a crime. But now, for the low low price of $5, you can help stop this draconian future from coming to pass and save yourself the expense of hiring a high-priced attorney.

Next week, a group of Philadelphia restaurateurs who have joined forces as Philadelphia Chefs for Choice (sorry, Chicago Chefs for Choice was a bit catchier) are hosting Freedom Foie For Five (ok, now that's catchy.) From Oct. 1-7 all of the participating restaurants will be offering Foie Gras dishes at only $5 a creamy, luscious pop.

The goal of the event is to spread the Foie Gras as far and wide as possible, so those who've never had the opportunity to enjoy it before will spread the word and influence the public opinion needed to keep City Councilman Jack Kelly's proposed Foie Gras ban from coming to pass. Hopefully some of Philly's lobbyists will be happy to shell out the extra fiver when they're out to lunch with other members of the City Council - or at least slip it under the table. Wink, wink.

FoieBlog wishes Philadelphia Chefs for Choice the best of luck. Hugs for Puppies is going to have their work cut out for them next week staying on top of 20 restaurants dishing out more Foie Gras than ever before - up until now they've barely been able to muster up a protest at one eatery at a time.

We also encourage our readers not to look at this as just an opportunity to save a few bucks, but to spread the joy among your friends. Just think about it, for the price you usually pay for Foie Gras, you can introduce 3 or 4 of your gastronomically-naive friends to our favorite dish.

Philadelphia Chefs for Choice say you'll be enjoying the kind of freedom Abe Lincoln would be proud of - we only wish they'd chosen George Washington. Democratic Ducks for a Dollar!

Maybe next year.

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Mercy said...

What the people of HFP and other activist organizations have done in Philly is upsetting and dangerous. I hate to throw the word around so lightly, but some people are calling these “activists” “terrorists.” People being frightened into changing their menus, even fearing for the lives of their family members – well, it sounds a lot like terrorism to me.

Commerce in the city of Philadelphia is the real victim here. If we look beyond the face of this issue, we really just see business owners being viciously attacked for providing a delicious product the market demands.

As has happened in other cities and other times, these protests can rapidly deteriorate into riotous destruction. Business owners are scared – as well they should be. This has happened before and property destruction has become almost commonplace for many of these activists. That is not to mention the loss of business these owners may face.

And who knows why some of the original restaurants dropped the promotion? I’d bet they were bullied into doing so.

I am proud of Philly Chefs for Choice providing a voice for the rest of us. I don’t have time to stand around in anti-protest, but if I did, you’d better believe I’d be there. These retaurants are taking a stand. They are standing in support of choice, in support of creativity. They are standing in support of enterprise. We should applaoud them.

And we should eat some foie gras!