Thursday, July 19, 2007


FoieBlog loves a good fight with anti-Foie Gras activists, especially when it's the activists fighting among themselves.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer (check the second item on the page), at 8am on Saturday July 14th a small group of people from Philadelphia Advocates for the Animals stood outside the home of chef Guillermo Pernot vocally protesting his use of Foie Gras at Pif restaurant. Unfortunately for PAFA Mr. Pernot doesn't work at Pif - which coincidentally went out of business the following day - and the restaurant he does work at, Cuba Libre, does not serve Foie Gras.

How could this happen?

Well, according to the PAFA folks, they got a tip from Nick Cooney at the illustrious Hugs For Puppies that was either meant to intentionally embarrass the competing group, or was just plain wrong. Cooney denies the charge and says PAFA screwed up on their own. In any event, it's amazing either of these groups can organize any kind of event, even in the wrong place.

This is somewhat reminiscent of recent happenings in Austin, TX that we've told you about, where Central Texas Animal Defense has been getting an even worse name because of some renegade anti-Foie Gras vigilante who's been vandalizing restaurants by spray painting offensive statements on their windows and facades.

While it's hard for FoieBlog not to feel a bit of schadenfreude about all of this, we also thank the activists for providing such an important lesson for our readers. To paraphrase Patrick Henry - who was surely stealing someone else's line - 'united we stand, divided they will fall.' We'll continue torturing the catch phrases of America's patriotic past by adding 'remember Chicago.' Many in the Philadelphia culinary community are doing just that and taking it to the activists head on - we'd expect nothing less from Rocky Balboa's hometown.

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Anonymous said...

At last! Please do the rest of us the favor of fighting each other. A house divided against itself, etc.
How stupid are these kids anyway? Did they know that restaurants often have menus on their websites? But of course, these kids are not eating at any of the restaurants they protest. And certainly they are not eating at the chefs home, where they have taken the protests. Gras Guy, look into Salt Lake City's ban on protesters at private homes for an inspiring piece of legislation.

Usually these kids are so savvy and well-informed--if only by each other. Could it be they are so eager to force feed us their opinions that they never looked at any facts? Oh, the humanity!

I just want to go to a restaurant in peace and eat a bit of the fatty liver. Please.